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Be ready for the World Handicap System

£100 grant from the Lancashire Union towards your club's Course Handicap Lookup Table Signage

We have partnered with 2 suppliers, Eagle and GM Events, to provide you with a mountable outdoor sign displaying your club's WHS Slope Rating conversion tables for calculating a players Course Handicap from their Handicap Index. Depending on which supplier you choose and what your individual requirements are this offer may cover all of the cost or a significant proportion of it. Club's who choose Eagle as their supplier can also add the £40 voucher from England Golf toward the total cost.


To claim you should deal direct with one of the suppliers as normal, then provide us with a copy of the invoice and we will reimburse you a fixed amount of £100. We simply ask that any signage subsidised by the Lancashire Union includes our branding along with the national governing bodies, both suppliers will incorporate this.


The club are entirely responsible for the purchasing process including order placing, agreeing proofs, supplying the required information and installation. The Lancashire Union can not accept any liability arising from the commercial relationship between the club and its chosen supplier. Offer is valid for all clubs with a fully completed course rating, those who are in  receipt of a temporary rating prior to the final assessment should wait until that work is completed before ordering signage and claiming the grant support.


Download the files below to view the suppliers information and offer details. Once you have chosen which supplier you want to use please send an email to so we can reserve funding for you.

Eagle Slope Rating Handicap Conversion Signage.pdf

GM Events - Course Handicap Conversion Table - Information Sheet.pdf

GM Events - Course Handicap Conversion Table - Lancashire Sample.pdf

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