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Unification of the LUGC and the LLCGA

Working toward unification with the full support of England Golf

This information is to inform members of the ASSOCIATION and UNION that the two Executive Boards have made the unanimous decision to merge both organizations and create a unified County (Lancashire Golf Ltd). The agreed target date for unification is 5th March 2024. A unification team has been formed and mandated to achieve the proposed merger within the target timescales.

England Golf are fully supportive of the unification, which will be the largest in the country and our aim is to lead the way for other counties to follow. Jeremy Tomlinson, the CEO of England Golf, expresses the organisations support for the proposed unification.

“These proposals to create one body which represents the whole of amateur golf within Lancashire will further enhance the opportunities for everyone to participate in our sport and provide the most effective platform to support our member clubs across all their stakeholders. Lancashire has a rich history within golf in England and this latest development will build upon that legacy in an inclusive and forward thinking way that will enrich the experience of both current and future players and the clubs and other golf facilities across the County. England Golf believes that golf belongs to everyone and that we are stronger when we all work together.“

Our vision is to grow the game of golf in Lancashire, guided by our values to Unify, Support, Create, Include and Inspire.

Our key aims are to increase participation at all levels within the county, through our evolving player pathway, to provide an exceptional player experience at all our tournaments, and to support our clubs both operationally and educationally, aiding their long-term health and prosperity.

There are many sound and practical reasons for Unification, some of which are:

  • One unified voice for amateur golf in the County. One single, common purpose and vision with one strategy for developing and promoting golf in the County.

  • Economy of Scale, sharing resources etc.

  • A wider pool of volunteers to help with all aspects of golf in the County, which will help us to deliver tournaments with an exceptional player experience, development of golf from beginner to elite team performance, team support functions and provide enhanced support and educational programs for all our member clubs.

  • An enhanced effectiveness when providing a service to clubs i.e. listening to and supporting Lancashire’s clubs and their golfers through increased, targeted and high-quality communication using multiple methods, creating one point of contact.

  • A more all-round perception of what our members and their golfers need and want, resulting in increased participation in County competitions and events with accessibility for golfers of all levels and abilities in accordance with our EDI policy.

  • The new organization would be totally committed to the principles and practice of equal opportunities across all of its work with key partners and will advocate policies that make every effort to ensure that all participation has equity at its core.

  • A consolidated and combined approach to attracting youngsters into golf by, for example, recruitment into joint academies, better communication with Club Professionals and Junior Organizers, etc., creating a more defined and progressive junior pathway.

  • Many county-wide activities are already undertaken jointly between the ASSOCIATION and the UNION: Safeguarding, Course Rating, handicapping, refereeing and junior recruitment/competitions etc., and Unification will give one forum and direction for these ventures.

We should also like to take this opportunity to advise our members (in each case, the clubs within the county) of the voting mechanism and proposed new organizational structure. Rather than create two new bodies, it is legally and administratively easier to transfer the assets and liabilities of one entity into the other and then re name that combined entity with a new set of Memorandum & Articles of Association. Hence:-

The ASSOCIATION will hold a special general meeting of its members (SGM) and the UNION will hold a separate AGM on 5th March 2024 at the Preston Golf Club, with one meeting following the other.  The purpose of the SGM is to consider and, if thought fit, approve the unification whilst the AGM will do the same as well as other matters (see below) and considering usual matters dealt with at the AGM.

Clubs affiliated to the ASSOCIATION and the UNION have one vote each and will appoint a representative (possibly their Delegate where one has been appointed) to attend and vote on behalf of their Club at the SGM/AGM.

At the ASSOCIATION SGM, resolutions to proceed with unification and, if passed, to authorise the Board to subsequently dissolve the ASSOCIATION will be put to its members.

The assets of the ASSOCIATION will be transferred to Lancashire Golf Limited, which will provide an indemnity in respect of any ASSOCIATION liabilities.

At the UNION AGM, if a proposal to unify is successful and is followed or preceded by a similar decision by the members of the ASSOCIATION (which are, of course, almost all the same clubs), the AGM will consider the proposed new Articles of Association of the combined entity, will be proposed to be adopted and accepted for  the new organisational structure which will consist of a streamlined Board of Directors, with committees reporting to it.  The AGM will also consider approving the change of name of the Union to Lancashire Golf Limited.

The current proposal is for there to be a number of Elected Directors, a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12.

There should (subject to sufficient nominations) be no less than one third of any one gender on the Board.

We are delighted to inform you that the Executives of both the Association and the Union, have nominated the following:

Mrs Delia Naylor (Royal Lytham & St Annes GC)

President of Lancashire Golf 2024

Mr John Pendleton (Ormskirk GC)

Vice-President of Lancashire Golf 2024

President of Lancashire Golf 2025

Our Board being put forward for adoption at the AGM will be:

Jim Fagan                            Chair

Stuart Leech                       CEO                                                       

Colette Connell                 Treasurer                                                           

Mark Bardsley                   Golf Development          

John Moorcroft                 Tournaments                    

Julie Walker                        England Golf voting and compliance

Jerry Martin                        Club Support

Margaret Milne                 Non-Executive

Michael Lay                        Non-Executive

We intend to produce regular updates via our website and Social Media Channels, and a presentation which will include the new board structure, along with a Q&A document, accompany this letter. These will be posted on both the Lancashire Union and Lancashire Ladies Association websites for county golfers to refer to. We hope these will be shared with your board and membership.

We thank you for your consideration in this matter and hope that all members will agree with and support our vision to unify the ASSOCIATION and the UNION to become Lancashire Golf Ltd.

To view Frequently Asked Questions, with accompanying answers, please click here.

For the full presentation slideshow regarding the unification, including explanation of the new board structure, please click here.

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