Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs

Lancashire Amateur Championship 2021 Round 3 Rules

Please note maximum handicap index on entry is 3.0
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1. The Championship shall be played by Stroke Play over 72 holes over three days, 18 holes being played on each of the first two days. After 36 holes the leading 40 competitors and those who tie for 40th place shall play a further 36 holes on the third day.
2. The number of competitors will be limited to 120 and if more entries are received they will be reduced to the stated number by eliminating the higher handicaps by ballot.
3. The winner shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score over 72 holes. In the event of a tie, those involved shall play off by stroke play over three holes to be selected by the Championship Committee, the player with the lowest aggregate shall be declared the winner. In the event of a further tie the winner shall be decided by sudden death over the same three holes.
4. The Championship shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and such local rules as shall be approved by the Championship Committee.
5. All disputes shall be settled by the Championship Committee whose decision shall be final.
6. It is a condition that competitors must use the 1.68 inch golf ball and only those brands on the current list of Conforming Golf Balls may be used.
7. All ties, other than first place in the Championship proper, will be decided in accordance with Regulation 6, as printed in the Rules of the Union.
8. Entrance fees will NOT BE REFUNDED unless intimation of scratching is received before the closing date for entries.
9. Any competitors not on the first Tee when his name is called by the starter will be DISQUALIFIED.
10. Players shall walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permitted to ride by the Championship Committee.
11. Conforming Driving Clubs: The driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current list of Conforming Driver Heads issued by R&A Rules Limited (
PENALTY for breach of Conditions 6, 10, and 11 : DISQUALIFICATION

To be eligible to compete a player:
a) must be an amateur as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews.
b) must be a member of an affiliated club or have been born in the County and be a member of an affiliated club in another county.
c) If an Artisan, must be a member of an Artisan section of a club which is also affiliated to both County Union and the Artisan Golfers Association and must qualify in paragraph (a).
d) Must not have taken part in a Golf Championship of another County or have represented another County Union during the previous 12 months.
e) Must possess a handicap index not exceeding 3.0

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