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Lancashire Boys Under 16 & Under 14 Championship 2020 Lancaster GC

Monday 17th August 2020 - Lancaster, White Tees

Players may enter both Championships but to do so must be eligible by age and handicap in both. One entry fee covers entry to either or both competitions and includes lunch for the player.

Conditions of Entry

  1. The Championships are open to players who to be eligible:
    • Must be an Amateur Golfer as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
    • Must be a member of a club affiliated to the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs, or have been born in Lancashire and be a member of an affiliated club in another County
    • If an Artisan, must be a member of an Artisan section of a club which is also affiliated to both County Union and the Artisan Golfers Association
    • Must not have taken part in a Golf Championship of another County or have represented another County Union during the previous 12 months.
    • Under 16 Championship: Must possess a CONGU competition handicap not exceeding 16.4 and must be under the age of 16 at 00.00hrs on 1st January of the year of the Championship.
    • Under 14 Championship: Must possess a CONGU competition handicap not exceeding 28.0 and must be under the age of 14 at 00.00hrs on 1st January of the year of the Championship.
  2. The exact handicap from the CDH at the time of the draw will be used for all entry purposes.
  3. All entries shall be subject to approval of the Championship Committee which reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry without giving reasons for its decision, which shall be final.
  4. No entry fee will be returned unless notification of withdrawal is received before the closing date for entries, except for any entrant who is balloted-out, or any reserve who is not called upon to play.
  5. Any competitor who withdraws after the Starting Sheet has been published must, without delay, furnish the Championship Committee with an explanation.  Any competitor whose withdrawal is not notified within 48hours of the start of the Championship, or who is absent for the Championship without notice of withdrawal, may have future entries rejected.

Conditions of Play

  1. The Championship shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited, and any local rules as approved by the Championship Committee.
  2. The R&A Rules Limited Condition of Competition (1st January 2010) relating to clubface grooves does not apply.
  3. All competitors will be required to play with golf balls which are on the current list of ‘The Conforming Balls’ issued periodically by the R&A Rules Limited.  A list of all conforming balls is available on  Penalty for breach of condition:         Disqualification
  4. Driving clubs must not have a characteristic time greater than 257 microseconds when measured on pendulum testing apparatus approved by R&A Rules Limited – see also Appendix II, Penalty for breach of condition:  Disqualification
  5. Competitors are expected to walk at all times during a stipulated round.  A golf buggy may be used by a player or caddie who can provide a valid current medical certificate of disability and has requested permission to use a golf buggy by the closing date for the Championship.  Where the disability prevents the player from driving the buggy, he may nominate a third party to drive the buggy for them who must be approved by the Championship Committee in the event that permission is granted.  In any other case, the use of a motorised buggy is not permitted without the permission of an on-course referee.  Penalty for breach of condition: 2 shots, maximum of 4.  Note, the Championship Committee will not be responsible for providing buggies regardless of whether a competitor provides a valid certificate.
  6. Late attendance on the first tee will be treated with strict adherence to Rule 5.3 – i.e. up to 5 minutes late will attract a General Penalty applied to the first hole, and any later will result in disqualification.  To avoid the risk of penalties competitors are asked to report to the official starter at the first tee 5 minutes before their starting time.     
  7. Pace of Play – the policy of the Championship Committee is that the Pace of Play in accordance with 5.6b(i) will be applied.                                                                                                                   Out of Position – the first group will be considered ‘out of position’ if at any time their cumulative time exceeds that allowed for the number of holes completed.  Subsequent groups will be considered ‘out of position’ if they are more than the starting interval behind the group ahead and has exceeded the time allowed for the number of holes completed.
    Penalty for Breach of Condition
                  i.      One Bad Time                        Warning
                 ii.      Two Bad Times                        1 stroke penalty
                iii.      Three Bad Times                     A further 2 strokes penalty
  8. The Championship shall be played by Stroke Play over 18 holes.          
  9. The number of competitors will be limited to 60 and if more entries are received, they will be reduced to that number by eliminating the highest handicaps by ballot.
  10. No Caddies will be permitted for the Championship.
  11. The winner shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score over 18 holes.  In the event of a tie, the tie will be decided in accordance with Regulation 6 as printed in the Rules of the Union.
  12. If it becomes impossible to complete the Championship in accordance with the Conditions thereof because of adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances which, in the opinion of the Championship Committee, make it impossible or impractical to do so, the Championship Committee shall be empowered to vary such Conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.
  13. All disputes shall be settled by the Championship Committee (three to form a quorum) whose decision shall be final.


The contact for this competition is Phil Harvey (01772731330)
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