Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs

Lancashire Amateur Championship 2012 Preston GC

Friday 1st June 2012 - Sunday 3rd June 2012
White Tees, Preston Golf Club

After 72 holes tie between Jon Hurst and Mark Young. 3 hole Play off, holes 1,17 and 18. 


Mark Young won on the 11th playoff hole.

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 72R2 CSS 72R3 CSS 74R4 CSS 74 R/OTotalPar
1st Mark Young 70667371280 (won by playoff)-4
2nd Jonathan Hurst Pleasington Golf Club 67727368280-4
3rd Steve McGlynn Preston Golf Club 72677371283-1
4th Ian Kenwright Haydock Park Golf Club 67746976286+2
5th Paul Kinnear Formby Golf Club 70677278287+3
6th Adam Stone Lancaster Golf Club 68708075293+9
7th Roger Smithies Manchester Golf Club 76727374295+11
8th Anthony Stirling Formby Golf Club 72747674296+12
8th Bryan Hughes Hesketh Golf Club 68757776296+12
8th Adam Andrews Ashton-in-Makerfield Golf Club 71727677296+12
8th John Carroll Huyton & Prescot Golf Club 76677677296+12
12th James Bolton 71747874297+13
12th Mark Stevenson Rochdale Golf Club 69777576297+13
12th Anthony Harwood Blackburn 75737277297+13
15th Joey Lamb Wilpshire Golf Club 73747478299+15
16th Mikiel Tchobanian 72767973300+16
16th Louis Tomlinson 71737779300+16
18th Tony Holt Clitheroe Golf Club 74748073301+17
19th Ciaran Doherty Bury 70747880302+18
20th Mark Duncalf Southport & Ainsdale 72758175303+19
20th Sean Towndrow Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club 71748276303+19
20th Simon Robinson Grange-over-Sands 72737781303+19
20th Graeme Jackson Manchester Golf Club 75697584303+19
24th Daniel Bradbury Houghwood Golf Club 73718278304+20
24th James Rooney West Lancashire Golf Club 75698179304+20
26th Daniel Sefton Lancaster Golf Club 74737880305+21
27th Thomas Stuart 70758676307+23
27th Kristian Taylor Formby Golf Club 69738580307+23
29th Joe Shelley Formby Golf Club 72758182310+26
30th Darren Carlisle Fairhaven Golf Club 74748479311+27
31st Ben Richards 73748186314+30
31st Mark Gregson 71777987314+30
33rd Karl Bowker Bolton Old Links Golf Club 76728583316+32
34th Liam Kindon Delamere Forest Golf Club 717283NR  
35th Alex Croston Fleetwood Golf Club 757379227+14
36th David Hannis Fairhaven Golf Club 727680228+15
37th Matthew Phythian 737585233+20
38th Richie Blundell Hillside Golf Club 7571146+4
39th Daniel Nutter Clitheroe Golf Club 7572147+5
39th Gareth Clark Manchester Golf Club 7473147+5
41st Mark Ashworth Clitheroe Golf Club 7573148+6
42nd Joshua Wilkinson Grange Park Golf Club (Lancashire) 7871149+7
42nd Reece Cranfield Wigan Golf Club 7673149+7
42nd Sean Blinkhorn 7673149+7
42nd Hannan Mahmood 7475149+7
42nd Nick Uttley Nelson Golf Club 7376149+7
42nd David Monks Bolton Golf Club 7376149+7
42nd Matthew Hanlon Childwall Golf Club 7376149+7
49th Neil Self Stand Golf Club 7674150+8
49th Toby Roberts Lancaster Golf Club 7575150+8
51st John Scholes Bolton Golf Club 7873151+9
51st Samuel Paul Smith Rochdale Golf Club 7774151+9
51st Niall Ormerod 7477151+9
51st Paul McFerran Warrington Golf Club 7477151+9
51st David Johnson Wigan Golf Club 7378151+9
51st Robert Middleton 7279151+9
51st Mark Latham Hart Common Golf Club 7180151+9
58th Anthony Holden Preston Golf Club 7874152+10
58th Chris Whatham 7775152+10
58th Kenneth Hudson 7676152+10
58th Jack Shelley Formby Golf Club 7577152+10
62nd Chris Calow 7776153+11
62nd Ryan Corbett Grange Park Golf Club (Lancashire) 7677153+11
62nd John Rickerby 7677153+11
62nd Josh Cowley Huyton & Prescot Golf Club 7677153+11
62nd Michael Hartley Fairhaven Golf Club 7578153+11
67th Gary Blades Clitheroe Golf Club 8173154+12
67th Brett Langstreth 8173154+12
67th Joseph Brice 7975154+12
67th Ian Hardman Retford Golf Club 7876154+12
67th Ian Stirling 7678154+12
67th Mark Arrowsmith Widnes Golf Club 7678154+12
67th Curtis Clarkin Nelson Golf Club 7579154+12
74th Stuart Taylor Ormskirk Golf Club 7976155+13
74th David Smethurst Formby Golf Club 7877155+13
74th Daniel Creaney Warrington Golf Club 7679155+13
74th Jay McGarvey 7679155+13
78th James Holt Clitheroe Golf Club 8274156+14
78th Gary Walker Deane Golf Club 8175156+14
78th Lee Mayers 8076156+14
78th Andrew Addison Ashton-in-Makerfield Golf Club 7878156+14
78th Simon Older 7779156+14
78th Ashton Ward 7779156+14
78th Javaid Sabrine Bolton Golf Club 7779156+14
78th Andrew McLoughney 7779156+14
78th James Carr Widnes Golf Club 7581156+14
87th Mark Millhouse Turton Golf Club 8077157+15
87th Shaun Field Clitheroe Golf Club 8077157+15
87th Jordan Flint Handicap Master C 7978157+15
87th Andrew Riley Colne 7978157+15
87th Nigel Lowe Chorley Golf Club 7978157+15
87th Josh Corless 7780157+15
87th Jack Bottomley-Clift Manchester Golf Club 7582157+15
94th Steven Chester Morecambe Golf Club 7979158+16
94th Timothy Ford Woolton Golf Club 7682158+16
96th Daniel Hall 8574159+17
96th Sam Stuart 8277159+17
96th Christopher Smith Royal Birkdale Golf Club 7980159+17
99th Adam Chester Morecambe Golf Club 7684160+18
99th Sami Proctor - Bouzabia 7585160+18
101st Rob Smith Heysham Golf Club 8378161+19
101st Ian Kearney West Lancashire Golf Club 8081161+19
103rd Sam Townend 8182163+21
103rd Sam Lavelle East Devon Golf Club 8083163+21
105th Michael Zwarts 8481165+23
105th Anthony Flanagan Hillside Golf Club 8481165+23
107th Dave Norbury 8582167+25
108th Michael Hedges 84NR  
109th Robert Hodson 78NR  
110th Gary Spann Pike Fold Golf Club 71NR  
111th Mark Rabone Southport & Ainsdale 80NR  
112th Carl Parker Burnley Golf Club 78NR  
113th Daniel James Crook Leigh Golf Club 7878+7
114th Thomas Winn Morecambe Golf Club 8282+11
115th Tom Bromilow NR  
116th James Fletcher Preston Golf Club 757080DQ  
117th Michael Hunt Pleasington Golf Club 737080DQ  
118th Glen Furnival 74DQ  
119th Joe Heaton Hindley Hall Golf Club NRDQ  
120th Chris Nuttall Accrington & District Golf Club 7473WD  

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